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Established in 1991, the mission of the National Alliance of HUD Tenants is to preserve and improve affordable housing, protect tenants’ rights, develop tenant empowerment, promote resident control and ownership, improve the quality of life in HUD-assisted housing and to make HUD accountable to its constituents, HUD tenants.

NAHT achieves its mission by providing organizing and technical assistance, public policy advocacy, training and publications to a national network of voting member tenant organizations and affiliated area wide HUD tenant coalitions or organizing projects. Today, NAHT’s membership consists of 260 voting member tenant organizations and 45 affiliated area wide groups. NAHT coordinates its technical assistance to these organizations through the NAHT Network, which meets bi-weekly by teleconference call, and by several issue Task Forces created by the Network to coordinate organizing and training assistance on issues such as Mark to Market, Opt Out/Prepayments, Right to Organize, Inspections and other issues. Read the NAHT By-Laws.

Founded in 1991, NAHT is the first national membership organization of resident groups advocating for 2.1 million lower income families in privately-owned, HUD-assisted multifamily housing. Through NAHT, tenants have proven that united action can mount an effective campaign to save people’s homes!

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