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Here are a few links to sites around the web that we found useful and hope you will too! We have them divided into international and national sections. If you have a link you think would be helpful and would like to see it here let us know. If you are looking for a member organization in your area, check out the NAHT Network page for links to NAHT’s local affiliates.

National Links

  • National Housing Law Project
    • NHLP is the national backup center for housing attorneys at local legal service programs. It has many useful links on HUD housing programs, legislation, and litigation affecting HUD tenants.
  • Center for Budget and Policy Priorities
    • The Center conducts research and analysis to inform public debates over proposed budget and tax policies and to help ensure that the needs of low-income families and individuals are considered in these debates. The Center’s research on the short and long term impacts of various budget propsals, and it’s layman friendly presentation of data makes this site an invaluable source to all low-income people.
  • National Coalition for the Homeless
    • A web site dedicated to Homelessness and ending Homelessness. This site contains great resources if you are homeless or about to become homeless.
  • Housing Preservation Project
    • Advocacy and legal organization working to preserve and expand affordable housing.
  • National Housing Trust
    • This site is full of great data on the Loss of Affordable Housing, listed by state and is periodically updated.
  • The Center for Community Change
    • Helping low-income people build powerful, effective organizations through which they can change their communities and public policies for the better.
  • National Low Income Housing Coalition
    • The nation’s leading advocacy organization for low income housing, which is spearheading a campaign for a National Housing Trust Fund to build and preserve affordable housing.
  • National Housing Trust Fund
    • The National Housing Trust Fund Web site has information about the campaign to establish the trust fund and offers ways you can help!
  • National Legal Services Corporation
    • Find your local legal services! A great resource to help you assert your rights!
  • HUD
    • Department of Housing and Urban Development. A U.S. governmental agency which oversees the development of housing and low income housing.

 International Links

  • Habitat International Coalition
    • HIC is a global network of peoples’ organizations and NGOs working on housing and habitat. Based on advocacy and support for the urban poor, solidarity networking, popular mobilization, debate and analysis, HIC works to unite the civil society for a liveable planet for everyone.
  • Toronto Tenants/Ontario Tenants
    • A great site for the Tenants in Ontario. Also contains links to sites and resources around Canada. Contains information relevant to ALL Tenants.
  • International Union of Tenants
    • IUT is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in the United nations, founded in 1926 in Zürich, Switzerland, with the purpose of safeguarding the interests of tenants. IUT is a non-party political organization, working along democratic lines.

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