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Museum Square Action Alert


NAHT Action Alert!  

      Please sign and circulate the on-line petition to help 300      families at Museum Square in DC’s Chinatown save their  homes!

         Please circulate the on-line petition today, and forward to other    groups and networks!    Here are sample Facebook and Twitter  postings, and a sample email blast, to send to your lists!

 Also attached below are background stories and photos you can upload to enhance the message.

 Sample Facebook post: One of the last affordable housing complexes in DC Chinatown faces demolition! 301 families are fighting for their homes. The National Alliance of HUD Tenants has their back, can we count on you to SIGN & SHARE the online petition?

 Sample Tweet: 301 Family’s fighting displacement in DC #Chinatown #MuseumSqure complex. SIGN & SHARE their petition

 Sample Tweet: #Chinatown’s last affordable housing complex may be demolished. Residents are fighting back  #heretostay

          Background.  Tenants at this year’s NAHT conference organized a support rally with the tenants of Museum Square, which is located in the heart of DC’s Chinatown. Museum Square is 301 units and it represents 50% of the remaining Chinese population and it’s one of the last affordable housing complexes in the area.

 Even though Museum Square is a profitable investment, the owners want to displace everyone, demolish the building, and build luxury condos that would retail for almost a million apiece. We say this is nothing less than ethnic cleansing!    Together we worked with tenants to organize a last minute action that received a lot of media attention and reinvigorated the fight to save Museum Square and launched the online petition linked above.

Additional  links to background articles:–311150871.html–and-fighting-to-stay/2015/07/16/86d54e84-2191-11e5-bf41-c23f5d3face1_story.html


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