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Making Housing an Election Priority

Its and election year. By showing up in force in DC this summer, we can help make housing a priority for the general election. This year our action will be centered on that goal.

The housing platform with will push candidates to adopt is:

Guarantee Housing for All as a Human Right

  • Provide Universal Housing Vouchers as an entitlement for low income renters and Housing First for the homeless
  • Restore 67,000 Vouchers lost since 2010 and increase Vouchers by 400,000 by 2020 as first step
  • Support Obama’s request for $8 billion in funds for the homeless
  • Sign and seek Senate ratification of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, to establish (among others) an enforceable Right to Adequate Housing in the USA

Fully Fund HUD Rental Housing, Oppose Privatization and Deregulation

  • Increase funds for Public Housing to 100% of Operating Needs and $32 billion for Capital Needs as an alternative to privatization through HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)
  • Oppose expansion of RAD beyond 185,000 until independent evaluation of first 60,000 units is made
  • Support Rep. Waters bill to increase funds for Public and Voucher housing
  • Fully fund Project Based Section 8, provide grants and loans for “green” rehabilitation of HUD multifamily housing
  • Oppose expansion of Moving to Work deregulatory authority to Public Housing Agencies

Toward Housing for All:  The Peoples Budget Does It!

  • Oppose “Ryan Budget”, which would cut $5 trillion from domestic programs and reduce housing funds by 25%
  • Support “Peoples Budget” to prevent cuts to social programs, tax the 1%, invest in jobs, redirect Pentagon spending to domestic needs, and reduce poverty by 50% by 2020
  • Fully fund the National Housing Trust Fund at $200b over 10 years to preserve and build low income housing
  • Replace Mortgage Interest Deduction with Tax Credit for lower income homeowners, target savings to NHTF

Adopt Legislation to Save Our Homes

  • Support comprehensive Preservation legislation, including National Right to Purchase for tenant and nonprofit organizations to save at-risk housing, with maximum Resident-Controlled Ownership
  • Take strong action against owners of substandard HUD housing, transfer to nonprofit or tenant ownership

Support Rent Reform

  • Support reforms in HR 3700, but oppose increase in medical deduction threshold
  • Reduce rent burdens by increasing deductions, use net rather than gross income as rent calculation basis, and/or restore rent standard of 25% of income for moderate income and 15% for very low income or large families

Empower Tenants as Partners with HUD

  • Support legislation to empower tenants as partners with HUD, including HUD and tenant rent withholding, tenants as third-party beneficiaries in HUD contracts, and providing tenants access to information
  • Expand regional and national “Eyes and Ears” meetings between HUD and NAHT tenant groups
  • Adopt NAHT recommendations to involve tenants in REAC and HUD Management and Occupancy Reviews
  • Provide $10m annually for HUD Section 514 grants and VISTA Volunteers to organize all HUD and Public Housing
  • Restore HUD multifamily staff, reopen HUD field offices, and oppose “contracting out” of Section 8 oversight

Enforce the Right to Organize and the Right to Remain

  • Enforce tenants’ Right to Organize free of harassment and retaliation, impose fines on violators
  • Enforce Right to Remain against landlords who refuse Enhanced Vouchers when owners opt out

Promote Inclusion and the Right to the City

  • Support and fund HUD implementation of Fair Housing Act to desegregate housing and communities
  • Ensure that Section 8 transfer authority is not used to re-segregate housing and communities
  • Take strong action to end harassment and bullying in HUD housing, especially senior/disabled housing

End Gentrification and Speculation in Affordable Housing

  • Implement controls on global investment in housing to combat speculation in affordable housing
  • End abuse of State Department E-5B program that promotes luxury housing speculation by foreign investors
  • Require disclosure of identify of actual buyers and owners of residential real estate
  • End HUD sale of foreclosed homes to predatory corporate investors


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