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One-on-One Meetings

What is a One-on-One Meeting?

A One-to-One meeting is a 30 minute face to face conversation with someone, preferably in their home. It’s 30 minutes because you’re just starting a relationship and don’t want to overstay your welcome.

How Do I Set Up a One-on-One Visit?

Call them on the phone. Introduce yourself as someone from your organization. Tell them how you got their name or tell them that you are interested in reaching members to find out their concerns in the neighborhood. Set up a time that’s convenient for them so you can get together and talk.

The purpose of the phone call is to set up the One-to-One. Do not do the One-to-One over the phone.

Doing A One-On-One: The Basics

Breaking the ice: Establish your credentials by again mentioning how you got the person’s name, where you are from and the purpose of the meeting. You can ask them background questions about their family, their neighborhood and involvement in the organization. Be curious about who they are.

Find out their self-interest: A person’s self interest is what’s important to them and what they are concerned about. Begin with questions like: “You’ve been in this neighborhood a long time, how have you seen it change?” “Tell me a little bit about your involvement with the association” “What are your concerns as a parent trying to raise children in this city” These are all basically what questions. The answers people will give will tell you what issues they care about, what pressures they are facing.

Then ask them why questions. “why are you concerned about that?” Why is it that important to you?” “How does the issue affect you and your family?” The answers will tell you about their values and self interest. Also ask them about other organizations they are part of, like churches, civic groups, girl scouts, etc. Listen for examples of this person taking action based on their values.

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