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Take Action

This section lists a few resources to assist you in taking action to Save Our Homes. Here you can find samples, tips and links to more great information. You can find your local elected officials and much more. This portion will be expanding as soon as we can make the information available to you so come back and visit often as we are always trying to add more for you, the Tenant!

Elected Officials

Find out what your Senators & Representatives have been doing with legislation You can look up a specific House or Senate bill and research a variety of legislation. You can also look to see what bills YOUR elected officials have sponsored or co-sponsored.

Find your elected officials. You can look up all your elected officials, from Federal to local and state. It also provides an easy way to write to your elected officials.

Get tips on dealing with elected officials.


Send a Press Release about your cause or event. You can even send out a press release to Hispanic communities of the US and abroad

Write a letter to the editor to many newspapers at once. Also has great tips for writing those letters. This site should be visited from a non-public computer (for example your home or office as opposed to the computer at the library, computer center or coffee bar) as it does require you to use an email program to send those letters. Instructions are provided so don’t be nervous, and Start Spreading the News!

Other Samples and Resources

The law says you have a right to know what your government does. You can write a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) letter to find out information on your building or project. Get a Sample FOIA letter to see what to include to get the information you want! We have more than one example?

Need to get your information out in a different language?
TIP: Try to make petitions, position papers and flyers available in the languages that are spoken in your building or development. Get bilingual residents involved or you can try Online Translation.

  • Sample Flyer #1 –This flyer was for the 2002 International Save our Homes Day Rally in Boston.
  • Sample Flyer #2 –This flyer is for an established Tenants Association holding a meeting with guest speakers and contains other information and updates for Tenants.
  • Sample Flyer #3 –This flyer is for a group when it was still forming. It calls tenants to action to asses the implications of having their building sold.
  • Congressional Invitational Letter –Invite your Congressional Representative to your Rally. You can use this sample to help you compose a letter to your Representative to invite them to your event.
  • Senator Invitation Letter –Invite your Senator too! This is a letter that was sent to Senators to invite them to the International Tenants Day Rally in Boston.

Helpful Hints

Be sure to write a formal thank you Letter to any elected official whenever they have attended an event or been helpful to you. You should also write a thank you letter if a you found a staff person helpful and highlight how that staff person was helpful to you. It’s not just good manners but help foster a good relationship beneficial to you both.

Don’t forget to invite the media to your rally! Have media packets with a press release containing the purpose of the Rally and any documentation for your claims, (if necessary) ready for any reporters that do come. You can also add copies of any speeches made if those are available. And don’t forget to have volunteers available to speak to the media!

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